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Sweets at Night Cause Your Pants to be..

You are more sensitive to insulin during the night. Your body has a cellular “clock” located in the adipose tissue directly affecting glucose tolerance, and…

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Does a Celebrity Endorsement Mean It’s Healthy?

Promoting healthy eating habits is not that easy according to the U.S. Institute of Medicine and the Surgeon General. It is especially hard when popular…

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Australians: The ‘Weakest’ Generation Ever?

Australians: The 'weakest' generation ever? Australians under 40 are doing far less exercise than Baby Boomers - who are hitting peak fitness at 50 and…

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6 Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation… and Not..

Are you planning a vacation? Think of the fun, the adventure, the chance to explore new places and “get away from it all” – Many…

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What Do Your Cravings Say About You?

  When you need comforting or want to relax, even sleep, we turn to carbohydrates, according to Mary Beth Sodus, a registered nutritionist at the…

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“Night People” Have a Poor Diet and a..

If you like to stay up late you’re way more likely to have an unhealthy diet, according to results of a study being presented at…

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Overcoming Procrastination in Exercise

Overcoming procrastination in exercise It is vital to our health and happiness that we keep ourselves fit. Right? However it’s not as easy as it…

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Bottled Water V/S Soda

We all know how important drinking water is to our health. Here’s an article that says the tide may be turning against soda. I thought…

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Sugar Might Cause Cancer!

Sugar will not only feed the cancer cells in your body, it may even create them! Even though you are not diagnosed with cancer, there…

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Work Life and Exercise

Current research reveals which jobs have the most eager leisure-time exercisers, and which have the least. When it comes to exercise and working out, for…

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